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Who we are
The C.R.C. is a non-profit community based organisation for the community by the community. The Centre is administered by a Management Committee, Manager, staff and volunteers. It derives its income from membership fees, charging for services, contract agreements and fee for service contracts.

Our Mission
To empower individuals and groups within our community by providing opportunities for education, training, development of life skills, self-help and mutual support. To provide a resource and information centre to the community and to build capacity through economic, business and social development.
To act with pride and professionalism in all we do
lumenSOCK22 Testimonial

"We come back year after year, because everything works, Robyn Coordinates our days so efficiently, and the food is great"

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The York CRC will be closed

Monday 17 April due to  Western Power Maintenance

Tuesday 25 April due to the Anzac Day Public Holiday

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