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About the Shire of York
York Town Hall
Shire Crest Shire of York 1 Joaquina Street
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The Shire of York has a growing population which is home to 3,397 people at the 2011 census. With its proximity to the metropolitan area, stunning natural environment and mix of farming and other industry, the Shire of York is a truly diverse community.

The York Shire Council is committed to providing a high quality service to the community of York. Its Vision is To Build on our History and To Create our Future.

At the Shire of York, www.york.gov.au, you can find information about York, its council, the community, things to see, things to do, and the fantastic country lifestyle we enjoy.

Council Amenities

Peace Park, Joaquina Street Avon Park
York Peace Park Avon Park on the banks of the Avon River
York Recreation Centre York Recreation & Convention CentreYork Memorial Swimming Pool
York Recreation & Convention Centre
York Memorial Swimming Pool


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